Wade is absolutely amazing! From our first contact with him he was so professional and genuinely excited to be going on this journey with us. He made both of us feel so comfortable in front of the camera, something neither of us were use to! He has a great eye to not only to capture a beautiful photo, but he is really able to capture the feeling of that moment, which is something very rare. He is very quick to reply to any correspondence and and sticks to all deadlines, if not exceeds them. He walks you through each step of the process, so you know exactly what is going on at all times, and there is no guessing or waiting around. We couldn't thank Wade enough for such a wonderful experience!

- Hilary 

hilary & Anthony 



"Wade Muir’s photography made my website come to life. My goal for the site was to have a simplistic design that was straight forward in showing all the services Stôk offers. Wade’s willingness to not only do multiple shoots, but take photos at multiple locations is what made that vision come to life. The candid feelings of his photos allowed the viewer to feel as though they were within each location while also making the website cohesive from section to section. His professionalism, warm heart and crazy talent make him an absolute dream to work with, but beyond all of that the proof is in his photos. They’re incredible."

- Alison 

ALIson newstead

Monarch Social Media 

"Wade was the missing piece to our social media strategy. I needed to show potential guests what the experience of staying at our hotels was like to influence their decision to book with us. Wade understood what I was striving to achieve instantly. He captured and editorialized the experience from the perspective of each of our target demographics flawlessly. We've seen a significant increase in our engagement and conversion rate across all platforms. I use his experiential content daily in email blasts, blogs and across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I have a bank of original photography that is one of the best investments and assets that we have in our marketing arsenal. The best part is Wade has been able to capture our product as the guest would experience it without editing or airbrushing. This authenticity has created brand trust for our collection of 7 downtown Toronto hotels."

- Holly Medwid