Listen... here is the truth that most photographers will not tell you.  BEING in-front of the camera, IS AWKWARD... and vulnerable, and UN-NATURAL!!!  (Excited yet?!)  It isn't something we do often, and most of us don't have a lot of experience being super models (I am the biggest ball of anxiety when a camera comes out, the double peace signs and squints come out in full force)...  I. GET. IT. 

But, here's my secret:  We're in this together.  As a huge dork and empath - whatever you're feeling, OOF - I am gunna feel it too.  My approach is with super low stakes, fun, ease, and a good sense of humour.  Taking photos should be a funnnn, you just have to find a photographer who wants to have it with you!

Let me guess... you feel really shy, awkward, UNCOMFORTABLE &
freeze in front of a camera?!!

I believe that photography is a shared experience... it's about you & me.  We'll keep things really casual, low-key, and candid.  With an open heart and mind, the sky is our limit. 

Open your heart... 

Know that I'll be with you, present in each moment - every step of the way.   I super duper get the feels of what it's like to be in front of the camera.  We will find that comfort, together. 

We're in this together... 

Because there is no better version... and you want your photos to reflect that. Wear what you want... OR nothing at all!  Feel comfortable, BE comfortable.  Be, YOU. 

Just be YOU. 

what to expect:

Portrait sessions are generally 1 to 2 hours long, and shot with natural light.  Includes a curated gallery of edited and lightly retouched photos. 


$500 / hour +HST

Events & Concerts

Candid event coverage, parties, red carpet step-and-repeats, live music or theatre... & drag!
Gallery includes the best of the best shots!!!

$500 / hour +HST

Rate is $600.00/hourly, or $4500.00 for 10 hours of coverage.  Open to travel, timing, and catering to your love filled needs. Add ons available.  

$4500 +HST


Customized commercial rates available upon request.

base rates:

you may not be the only one thinking it!

Frequently Asked Questions:

95-100% of what I shoot is digital.  I use two Nikon D750s, and a Nikon Z7ii.  I occasionally  shoot on film, BUT because of the risk factors - it is never my primary method.  For film I use a Pentax K1000, an Olympus Stylus EpicII, a Polaroid SX-70, and a Polaroid OneStep+.  If you'd like to incorporate film into your session let's chat! 

I use this wicked online gallery service called Pic-Time!  This is how I deliver all of my photos, and your gallery will be active for a full year!  You're able to download both web and full resolution versions of all your photos.  This is a good moment for me to remind you to download and make a back up of all of your photos... and then to back up your back up. 

It totally depends on what we're shooting!  Weddings take the longest to edit, anywhere from between 8-16 weeks. Portraiture typically is between 3-6 weeks, and events (depending on the desired turn around time) between 1-3 weeks.  

Oh the options are endless!  Each session comes with the rights to print all of your photos for personal use.  You're able to purchase prints directly from your gallery, or by downloading them to your computer and sourcing your own printer!  I have done personal prints and tests with the printers connected to my shop, and 1000% stand behind the quality of their work. 

HECK yes I will!  After photography, travelling is my truest love.  If you're looking at shooting anywhere  40km+ outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada,  additional fees apply, BUT I am super happy to chat about this further with you! 

Okay, this is maybe the most loaded question... with the most precious of answers.  Statistically over the past decade it would have to be Domino's (their pan pizza or bust) BUT lately, I am in madly in love with Toronto's own SLOWHAND sour-dough pizza, and Blondies

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"Darling... truth can never be bought!  It can only be 
" - Ertha Kitt 

5 out of 5 without question. Dude's a superstar. The pictures are phenomenal and the experience was super fun and honestly just really special. If we just got the photo shoot experience and NO photos I'd still give this 5 stars. Wade makes the whole thing a total joy. And the photos turned out amazing. Unique compositions. Amazing use of light. Rich colour. 5 out of 5 person. 5 out of 5 experience. 5 out of 5 photos. 5 out of 5 editing. 5 out of 5 having a beautiful photo gallery. Amazing work. 

Wade Muir Photography


Ian Pady

I've been working with Wade since 2018 and use him as my go-to photographer for any project I'm working on. What I love best about working with Wade is his understanding of the concept to visually create the experience of the product/service. I'm always left with a bank of photography that can feed an editorial calendar for years to come.  The engagement rate on anything I post of Wades is SIGNIFICANTLY higher than other photography.

Wade Muir Photography


Holly Medwid

Wade’s approach to shooting was different than other photographers I have worked with.  He chooses to follow his intuition, his feelings and his heart during the photoshoot, while always staying open to the individuality of each person. He is patient and allows the photoshoot to unfold naturally and that allowed me to relax as well as explore more in our session. It was a moment and a feeling I will never forget! My heart really goes oooooooffffff.

Wade Muir Photography


T.J. Milne

Wade is absolutely amazing! He is one of the most genuine, caring and incredible photographers you could hire to capture love. He goes above and beyond in every aspect. As a planner in the industry, I’ve worked with many photographers and Wade is the real deal. He makes you feel comfortable, even in the most intimate moments. We are so grateful for the moments he captured for us on the best day of our lives. He understands the connections his clients have with not only themselves, but with their loved ones and captures it in the most incredible ways. Our family and friends cannot say enough great things about having him there and he’ll forever be someone we call on to capture special milestones in our lives! <3

Wade Muir Photography


Jess Forestner

Wade is amazing. There is no one who will make you feel more at ease during shoot. There is no one more passionate about capturing beautiful moments. He has an eye for finding MAGIC in real life. Wade is the photographer you want to hire. I PROMISE. Your wedding. Any event. Promotional materials. Posed or candid. ANYTHING. You will also never meet a kinder person.

Wade Muir Photography


Thomas Alderson 

I have shot with Wade three times and every time I have felt supported, inspired and taken care of. He is so creative and available, that whatever your hang ups about getting your pics taken, you will forget them in his presence and have FUN! Wade has an amazing eye, so not only will you look great, he will in his Wade way bring out what is intrinsically you. Trust me you will be thrilled with the whole experience.

Wade Muir Photography


Jane Moffat

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