i literally thought it was going to die…

I honestly didn’t think I would live to see the launch of my website… BUT here we are, together… holding internet hands… just, cue the tears.


After many months (18 to be exact), I am beyond excited to share with you the launch of www.wademuir.ca!  It is home to the collection of my latest work, my new blog (you’re reading it right now), and after literal blood, sweat, and tears: a real piece of me on the internet.


In hitting up that subscribe button, you have been entered into my photoshoot giveaway(valued at $500.00)!   

The winner will be drawn at the beginning of July, so please make sure to stay subscribed (at least until then).


With all my heart & thanks,


  1. Hi Wade:
    I just had a good look at your website.
    Hearts, Flowers, Fireworks!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So well done! I loved viewing all the beautiful photos. I can’t stress how much I love how you capture each person or situation so well. They express something about the person, yet are undoubtedly yours.
    All the best.

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