“Love is a Work of Art” – Laura & Kiley

Muskoka Wedding, Lake Rosseua, Muskoka, Ontario

Tucked away in the magic of Muskoka, Ontario, on a historic family estate,  Laura and Kiley’s romantic AF wedding was an absolute dream.   As the morning sun rose and sparkled across the lake, I was greeted by seeing Laura’s dad bathing in the lake….  I literally knew at that moment the kind of magic I was in for.  Across the bay, on a small island… surrounded by the charm of a mid-century cottage straight out of a design magazine, Laura and her closest pals prepared. Back on the other side of the bay (oh sooo many boat rides), Kiley and his crew readied themselves in the boat house loft, home to many legendary late-night parties.  Before heading to the ceremony, we finished immediate family and party photos, lunch was had, and Laura & co. even had time to play a round of SORRY… there was space for all to just breathe and enjoy.  With proper timeline planning (shout out to MadBash), this intentional act was a radical blessing for all.

In tandem, their separate boats glided gracefully towards the ceremony, each wave and splash bringing them closer to their destined union.

In the warmth (both literally and metaphorically) of that stunning old chapel, Laura and Kiley exchanged their vows, old hymns were sung, laughs and tears were shed, all sealed by a tender first kiss. Like right out of a classic tale, a bagpipe parade followed, guiding the newlyweds and their loved ones to the water’s edge, where vintage handkerchiefs were waved in a heartfelt send-off as they embarked on their journey to the cottage.  As the night unfolded, laughter and live music filled the air, echoing across the lake, and throughout the surrounding forest. Beneath the stars and the gentle glow of the moon, Laura and Kiley danced, fireworks dazzled, and hearts intertwined in the magic of their love.  A trulyyyyyy iconic day, for all!

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